Remember last February?

Man....that seems like eons ago. Last February, on 02.22.12 to be exact, I dug out my graphics tablet and proclaimed that I was going to be incorporating that medium into my artwork. That didn't happen.
stick around.jpg

From the days leading up until 02.22.12, til now, the thought of the tablet has been stuck in my brain. Bad. It is my signal. Someone is trying to tell me something...maybe the thing that I have felt has been missing this year was that tablet indeed.. So then comes the hours of self discussion leading up to this moment....well, "what the hell are you going to do with that tablet?"

I think I am weird... luckily, I have a support staff of AWESOME artists in place that are still taking my calls. Through all of the self-imposed psycho babble....the fits, tantrums and cursing, they are still taking my calls. I'm freaking lucky.

It's important to be able to talk to like minded (wait...did I just imply my friends are insane too?) people about art. Because those conversations, no matter how trivial.....spark imagination. They spark growth.

Growth hurts (so do my teeth..but that's another story).  But today is the turning point. I will torture myself to learn new mediums, I will curse some more...and figure things out...and put something together. My M.O. is to figure things out. That is what I am here to do.. so once I figure these things out, the process starts over for me.. but the discovery portion is what I live for. One time when I was a punk-assed kid selling jewelry at a department store, a wise-assed customer asked me a question, "How many facets on a round brilliant diamond?" I didn't know. They didn't tell us. I was 16. You know what happened next? I put myself through 4 years of gemological study. Ask me now, jackwagon....

Crimany....did you read all this?

See you soon...