Gifts From An Artist

I was at a craft fair a week or so ago and most of the items were being re-sold. That is, items purchased in China or some other far away land, and then called "crafts" and then re-sold at the church bazaar. I saw charms like these...with perfectly applied solder...that took 2-4 weeks to order...and cost $48 each. $48? That's when I went into "I can make THAT" mode.

Mixed Media Art Charms.jpg
I didn't do any black Friday shopping... on small business Saturday (TODAY) I am going to cruise ETSY and buy a couple of things from artisans who are also competing against big box stores...and that's it. Think of the little guy..
Click here to visit my ETSY shop if you like.

Click here to visit my ETSY shop if you like.

I'm proud of these. Proud that I spent a log time accumulating all of that art... proud of the imperfect solder...and proud I can offer them to you for $19. Thank you for your visit!

PS- did you see the Art Gallery Tour yesterday? LOTS of beautiful art from the online workshop, Act Natural!