Fitness is the new cool...

I'm going to talk about something that I normally don't talk about on my blog...get ready...

Self portrait. Look...a metallic gold top! I know....

Self portrait. Look...a metallic gold top! I know....

I watched my brother die from cancer in 2009. The event took 3 years start to finish, and it made my already small family even smaller. No one can say what caused the cancer to overtake the body of my 35 year old brother, but you better believe that I am doing everything in my power to make sure that I decrease my chances of getting the disease.

In 2010, my father died right before my eyes, in the ICU. Flatlined. Just like on TV. As my mother and I stood there in the ICU, the doctor on call acted swiftly and made some pretty quick decisions that after a few moments, brought my father back to life.

During the commotion that night, my mother and I sat stunned in the waiting room. For hours into the night we waited. When that doctor came to talk to us, he was giving me the "speech".. my dad was not going to make it. My mom sat there. I stood up, looked the doctor in the eye and in my most serious and stern voice told him, "Now is not the time for my father." From that point onward, I like to think that the doctor and I had an understanding.

I was there every day. All day. Watching my dad recover took over a month...and it wasn't pretty. It was scary as hell. It scared the shit out of me. But I couldn't act scared. If I was scared, my dad would see it....happy thoughts speed recovery and that was my plan. No fear on my face. No frowns. Smiles everyone...smiles.

Dad is doing everyone at the hospital's shock....and frankly, mine too after what we saw those first few days.. We got lucky.

Breakfast: Avocado, almonds, spinach, tomato, lemon juice, cucumber, water and hemp protein.

Breakfast: Avocado, almonds, spinach, tomato, lemon juice, cucumber, water and hemp protein.

So rather than go on and on with the scientific reasons why I am doing this, I'll let you look for your own research if you are interested...but here are the updates:

Since August 27th, I have not had one lick of sugar. No cookies, chocolate, gumdrops.... I've also not had any meat. I've eaten salmon about 3 times...I think.. The majority of my diet is vegetables...and I have to tell you, they are freaking delicious. 99% of the greens I am eating are raw.

No I am not wasting away..and no I am not eating bread and chips all day. Since that day I am down 8 pounds which I attribute to no more snacking and the loss of the sugar. My weight is steady. I'm receiving all of the calories I need daily; I'm just making every calorie count. (Remember all that talk about empty calories? Seems it's true..they really are empty.)

Soft drinks, coffee, sport drinks... major cut backs in the household. Kate is drinking green smoothies too...and she LOVES them. Dessert for the family is cut to only a couple of times a week now (not me though..I don't want to break my streak).. This has been a huge change for my household and I, but it works. I feel great!

So what's all this? Braces on my teeth helped me snap into shape..but the seeds had already been planted before that day at the orthodontist. My goal- I want to help my body naturally. NOW. I am vowing to stay in shape and eat right for the rest of my life. There is too much research floating around to ignore.... chemicals are everywhere.... we have to do our parts NOW and not rely on the heath care system later...that's a copout. A crutch. The tools are right here... They are here now. Got an ailment? Google and see what vegetables can help you...and then find an open minded doctor to talk with. The meat? You need protein! No you don't. Not that much...and here is a shocker...some vegetables have the protein you need.

Just sharing my story and giving an update. I'm really excited about my diet (and I don't mean "diet" like weight loss plan...I mean "diet" as in what I eat every day) and I wanted to post another update for you.. The teeth are great...hopefully only 11 months to go. So when some people say they need some "me time"...I'm taking mine every day with my blender. The best "me time" ever.