Mixed Media Fine Art Prints For Sale!

Hooray! Something I have been wanting to get off the ground for a long time is here! I'm printing beautiful reproductions of my work on the most amazing art rag paper. The paper has a fantastic texture and I am able to control the color on every print so that it best matches my original paintings! The ink is light-fast and made to be around for a very very long time. Not your typical ink-jet at all.

The best part? I was proud of myself for hammering out the custom color settings on both printer and monitor and wanted t show my husband (who is in IT) and his mouth dropped open because he thought I was showing him an actual painting! HOORAY!

Art Prints by Julie Prichard.

Art Prints by Julie Prichard.

You can order any of the artwork here on my website as a print. They measure 6.25x7.75", and the paper size is 8.5x11"- you get a beautiful matted look print. The canvas texture, all the layers...it's on every print.

I'm really excited about this. You can see what I have now on Etsy by clicking here...or you can contact me for any special requests. Thank you!