11x14 mixed media on stretched canvas - new

So this is it. A new year...and vows to make some changes to see where I am going and where I have been. I'm calling this the "Myself Project". I am here to hammer out what it is I want to be doing at this time in my life..talk it out..and hopefully engage in some dialogue with you. Projects all over the place, it seems that a lot of times I have disregarded work on myself..which should be most important, right? I have no qualifications to be writing about this topic.. but I have to tell you that the first step- writing about it...makes me feel better already.

I've slacked off in making new art. Granted, I have stayed totally busy helping students and writing a book...but the exploration and gaining new ground has taken a back seat to the needs of others (including family). So, the first thing I did was think about what is slowing me down art wise... what changed between the last time I was cranking out art that I was excited about and current day Julie? Where did fun-time-Julie go?

I think she got bogged down with mundane projects and devoping classes. I think. I can't be positive, but my first step is to take those two things and drop them back a bit and see where my fun-meter goes. See, I think it's important to realize that the first moment that making art feels like work...then there is a problem...

So if you're reading this, and you think to yourself that your fun-meter is on empty a little bit..and the pressures of maintaining your blog readership and cranking blog post after blog post out is getting to you and feels like work...then you like me need to do something about it. Let's talk.

Rule #1: If the fun comes back the art will make me more happy.