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Pin this: Studio Pen Organization a la cheap and cheerful..

Julie Prichard8 Comments

Eat soup. Eat beans. Organize pens and stuff.

You've been there.. studio seems cluttered, you hit up pinterest and google to search for a way to finally organize your pens and/or paint brushes..and there it is. A glorious wooden caddy.. Pottery Barn.. $80. I don't have $80 for a pen holder.

The girl has a lot of pens, pencils and markers..and the cheap holders we have been accumulating until now  have taken up a large piece of real-estate in my studio. I needed to get them onto my wall...and fast.

Enter Home Depot. I walked into Home Depot and demanded that someone in an orange apron take me to the magnet section. I explained my dream and walked out with a handful of powerful magnets and a strip of metal. $21. Take that, Pottery Barn.

Because everything looks better when it is floating on the wall, I placed a few pieces of wood block behind the metal and use a couple of screws to get everything up onto the wall. Place the magnets along the bar, then go make a huge bean salad or a lot of canned chili.

Everything in its place. I thought I would have to hot glue the magnets to the cans, but there is a fantastic little metal lip on the cans after you remove the lids. The lip grabs the top edge of the magnets and keeps the cans on the wall. No glue! The larger cans, like Chunky Soup, they are heavier. I had an extra magnet, so there are two magnets holding up the heavy can. (The Chunky Soup cans would probably be where a hot glue gun would come in handy...but two magnets are working for now.)

I've been looking for a solution for this problem for a long time. I've seen so many varieties, but they all cost a fortune. This is so easy and I think it looks very chic!

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