new art, acrylic on stretched canvas, 11x14

The gauge. I have an exact moment of when I decided to give up my gemology career. It was when my daughter was born. When she was about 6 months old, I left my colleagues and decided to stay home. It was only a few days after that when I realized I would soon go out of my mind. I needed something to do.. I had been making cards and rubber stamping for a few years prior to that and I had been blogging too.. but I needed more.

The biggest shock to me after leaving the work-force after so long was that I didn't have any teammates anymore. I didn't have any business related goals and I didn't have any reporting or things to focus on to improve. Does that make sense? I was brainwashed (although I enjoyed every minute of it) into gathering a team, giving the team all the tools they needed to excel and breaking goals that were set for all of us. I love reporting the challenges to the team and watching the team grow. I left my team. I was alone.

I know a lot of people will argue that I am not alone..I've got all of you fine people here..and I have made so many new friends in the past 6 years...but it's not the same, you know what I mean. BUT that very reason of climb, climb, climb...go, go, go...may be the reason I am having so much trouble with a little burn out.

Why today? Because yesterday we celebrated my girl's 6th birthday. On that day I am always proud to see where I have been and how big she is getting. (I also make it a point to mention that she was 9lbs 15oz at birth and my delivery took 39.5 hours. I'll never forget that! So do I celebrate? You better believe it.)

Happy birthday to us!