Fast and Fancy Backgrounds. Free Workshop. Part 5.


How about some spray painting today? What? Too stinky? Too dangerous...not easy to find good colors? Take a look at what we have for you today!

Chris and I used Golden Airbrush Colors to make our own sprays. No fancy equipment was needed, just some cheap spray bottles from the art store and water. No fumes. The best part? The Airbrush Colors come in the same colors we are used to working with when using Golden paint, they are NOT water activated, which means they can be layered and layered and won't come together to make a huge mess of color. This will be a good mess.

When shopping for Golden Airbrush Colors, notice that some of them are transparent and others are opaque. You will see those words listed on the bottle. Transparent vs opaque is important when layering color. The paints can be color mixed inside the spray bottles to create your own shades. You can use a little color or a lot and make your paint colors as strong as you like. We filled each spray bottle with about 1 part paint to 10 parts water. Experiment and see how you like to mix best.

One other new supply we introduce in this lesson is "Archival tissue". Everyone knows Chris and I like working with tissue. While normal tissue will rip and tear when exposed to watermedia, the archival tissue is stronger. It doesn't tear. We found that it held up to layering without any problems and that it melds right into other artwork when we use gel medium to attach it. In other words, the tissue will blend right into the surface of the new artwork. Lovely.

If you are just tuning in, please be sure to visit the first 4 lessons of this course. This course replaces our "Pretty Papers" online workshop..and it's all free! Click the "Tutorials" button on the right side of this page.

As always, Chris and I love to hear from you. Please feel free to post any qustions you may have regarding this material here. We will post answers here, so please check back often.

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