page from my sketchbook

I was reading a photography article(link) the other day and it hit home to me not only through my photography practice, but in my art as well. The small stuff. Do you sweat it?

With the internet all over the place, groups, blogs, networks, facebook, chats..exposure.. we're learning so much. You're learning. You have so much exposure to so many techniques now it can be overwhelming. You can compare yourself to everyone. All the time.. The technical aspect of art is where I linger a lot. I have a burning desire to know how things are made. I study.. I'll admit.. I get frustrated with myself if I can't get something to work like I want to. But look at that article.. Most people are not at the level of calling them self an "artist". They don't notice the technical details you are struggling with. Not at all.. They notice art. So why sweat it?

I'm learning to relax a bit technically..and this is helping me open up artistically. How about you? Do you sweat?