Pastel Stairway.

I stopped for a moment when I ordered my sketchbook. I don't sketch.

After I shook that off, I just started painting. I cut 15 panels of nice paper into sketchbook regulation size and took about a week and a half painting them all. They have all been fixed, and now I am deciding how I am going to get them into the book. Machine stitching is too uniform....hand stitching maybe...glue? I don't know. But I do know that I am enjoying thinking about all of the options...

We started a pretty big home improvement project on ourselves. ( of my friends came down to help us after I posted a plea on facebook..) Weekends now look like they are booked for a month or two as we wrap up my vision. We're building a large privacy fence and what I am calling a "tranquility garden" on the side of our house. I can't wait. I spend so much time looking out of the kitchen window into what was wasted space... dreaming of peace and birds and greenery.