Paint or Pixels? Chris flashed her tablet computer around the last time she was here and introduced me to a program called, "ArtRage". Apparently the desktop version of the program is about $90. The iPad version? A cool $4.99 (on sale NOW). I bought an iPad (for educational purposes -cough cough) the other day and promptly put down my $4.99.

Of course I have not read any of the manual for the app. I just dove right in. I can't stop making paintings! Here are the first three. The program mimics real live's really cool. I have no idea how they do it...but the detail is amazing..don't they look like real paintings?

If you're the iPad toting type(or any tablet for that matter)..I say go for it. Put the laundry in and hit the grocery store'll be busy for the next several hours.

Sorry I am late a couple of days on announcing the latest give-away winner. Congratulations to Elizabeth C. Elizabeth won the collection of Golden Paint and the poster. One more giveaway this summer. Tune in Wednesday to find out what it is...and don't forget to tell your friends!

(All digital. All with my pointer finger.)