My world is electronic. Computers, phones, interwebs, recipes..almost everything. Aside from a handwritten thank you note, I am "low paper".

Enter the photo lab. Remember the joy of getting that envelope containing your prints from the drug store? Remember flipping through the images with your friends? Passing them around? I am bringing that back to my digital household with what I like to call, "Family Trading Cards". (I also throw around the term, "Life Deck", but that is also a resurfacing company where I live.)

Each photo measures 3.5x5" (a cute "deck" size) and has a 1/4" white border. When I opened the first envelope, I was so happy to see my husband and daughter passing them between themselves, looking and laughing at the memories. There is something warm and fuzzy about an actual photograph in your hands that even a gajillion pixel display cannot give you. I think the photographs give emotion.

There is no album (I will still produce an annual album every year)..there is no box. There is simply a deck that anyone can peruse. iPhone photos, candids...silly moments. Print them out. Your family will thank you.