I have been on a "nerd" high for the last couple of days fueled by my iPhone, a couple of aps, my cameras and anything else I can get my left brain wrapped around... Art making takes a small break during this time because I can't switch right to left and back again without some sort of neurological event or epiphany.

Lighting. I know about lighting.. and my brain tells me to put off practicing because I will figure out what I need sooner or later. But I press on... The top two photos were taken in my garage using on camera flash pointed at the ceiling. The rest of the lighting is unplanned, ambient light. The photo on the left is nice, but the harsh line of light on the subjects right cheek made me unhappy. Too harsh. A quick flip of the light switch and a little adjusting of the camera speed and I was good to go on the second photo. The moral of the story? All around..pay not attention to your subjects, but to the light that is hitting them as well. Subjects squinty? Get them into shade. A quick adjustment of your camera angle can make you a better photographer. With ANY camera.

Speaking of cameras....everyone knows that the print companies are going to bombard us with book printing specials and other bric-a-brac offers during hte holidays..so are your photos organized and edited already? It's almost end-of-the year book printing time. Don't let it catch you by surprise. Get those treasures sorted by month and when the offers come in, you won't be up until 4am trying to get your order in time.

When I was little, walkie talkies where the hit of fashion. Imagine my delight many years later when I had a job in which my colleagues and I were connected by, you guessed it, walkie talkies. I can't help but say "10-4" or "Good Buddy" when I have a walkie in my hand so you can imagine my pure delight when I discovered an ap called "HeyTell" on my phone. When the ap is open, the voices of my "HeyTell-ing" pals flood into the room. The comments are always hysterical because like me, my friends share the same desire to be spies...or truckers...I don't know which..

Remember Twin Peaks? Special Agent Dale Cooper carried a voice tape recorder in his trench coat. When he thought of something, he picked up the recorder and spoke into it to his secretary named, "Diane". I've got my own Diane now and am having great fun reporting from anywhere and everywhere. It's great fun..and free.

Pinterest. Still pinning.......my boards are the most beautiful boards I have ever seen because I hand picked the images. What could be so back about that? I look at them every day and sigh.....so. fun.

My left brain thanks you for stopping in today...and every day. If you didn't I would have to HeyTell all of you..and I don't think you can take it.

A good song that just came onto my iTunes: "Silver Tiles" by Matt and Kim