Julie Against the Machine + Giveaway

art journal page; multi media- wax, acrylic, pencil, machine stitch, collage

I think the machine is myself. The work work work work work work work some more and then a little more until you absolutely can't work any more or have a break-down gene is present in my chemical make up. People ask if I sleep....the answer is yes. I do. A lot, actually... I don't know. I guess if I have something I want to do, I just do it. And lately, it's working on journal pages.

Congratulations to CHRISTINE who won the last drawing for a $25 Dick Blick gift certificate. Enjoy, Christine! Thank you all for stopping by my blog.

How about another giveaway? Foster your creativity with a new book or two. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what book you would buy if you won a $30 gift certificate to Amazon.com. (You absolutely have to enter your correct email address into the field when you leave a comment. Otherwise I will send the money to the wrong person and that would suck for you.) Enter through August 3rd. One winner will be drawn and announced here on the blog on August 5th. One comment per person please....and please tell your friends! Chris and I are giving away our marketing budget all summer long.

New classes coming soon...in fact...right around the time we announce that winner....hope to see you back here again soon.