Monday. Sweet Monday.

12x12" sretched canvas; acrylic

Thank you all so much for your recent visits and comments! Summer has taken a detour this week with gray skies and much lower temperatures. We welcome the relief.

The time has come up to renew our network membership again. You can note that the teaching network will be around for yet another year..and we're growing! Chris and I filmed two....yes TWO new classes last week..I will be editing them here and there and look forward to releasing the first class at the beginning of August sometime. Be sure to subscribe to this blog's feed so you don't miss out on giveaways and sale pricing...because...this next class is what you have been waiting's going to be amazing!

We're also giving away prizes all summer. Be sure to check the link on the right to be taken to the current giveaway. Someone is going to win $25 to Dick Blick pretty soon...why not you?

Enjoy your summer! Don't forget...all of our online workshops are open for business. You can sign up for a class and have access to all the videos at once...instead of watching reality an art marathon instead. Click here to learn more.