Hi Paint Party Friday Friday Friends! I spent this week getting reacquainted with my art journal. It has been so long since I worked in a book. It felt comfortable, easy..and when I thought the words had escaped me, I was happy to know they came write (pun intended) back to me.

multi-media; 8x6"

I think that the lure of art journaling for me relies heavily on the format. I point blame on my slump not only for my family emergencies last few months but also for the barrage of oddly shaped journals that didn't suit my taste as much as the books I make. My journal seems to be like a pair of shoes in that regard..I need the perfect fit. I am happy to find a shoe that fits.

Thank you for tuning in today...take a look around. I'm happy to report that I have a lot going on creatively these days.

PS- New sweepstakes and last sweepstakes winner coming tomorrow. Please check back then.