Happy Paint Party Friday! Here is an 11x14" acrylic I finished up this week. I'm a fan of carving little hidden messages into my artwork...are you?

It's a whirlwind meeting so many new people via Paint Party Friday..I love looking through all of the paintings every Friday morning....it's easy to join. You should check it out!

Congratulations to Melisa! I think Melisa came in through Paint Party Friday...and it's a good thing she did because she won my $30 Dick Blick gift certificate! Melisa- enjoy..I emailed that bad boy to you yesterday.

Who else wants to win? Leave me a comment here and on June 17th I'll draw one more winner for a $25 Dick Blick Electronic Gift Certificate! Here's the details: One entry per person...and you have to input your email address into the field when prompted. No email address....how will I find you if you win? Type carefully. :)

Happy weekend to all! xo

PS- I am not affiliated with Dick Blick. I just shop there. Chris Cozen and I are giving away our marketing money this summer! Every 2 weeks, stop by for a chance to win a great prize.

and more....Don't forget our workshops! We have a great selection to choose from...and they are open all summer long...no time limits! Check it out here.