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I'm eyes are killing me... here is a transcript of what happened at my eye appointment last Wednesday.

Doc: Cover your right eye and read the chart please.

Julie: F C D E F, O P B Q problem,

Doc: Click. Click....Now cover your left eye and read the chart.

Julie: Oh..this aint no good...

Nothing. I couldn't even strain to make out the letters. They were very fuzzy grey shadow blobs. Doc says I have a bunch of things that I can't pronounce... (First time at the eye doctor except when I begged for glasses to look cool in highschool..) and that some fancy progressive lenses will correct the situation and I will be good as new. She built those sample glasses and I put them on and WOW..I really was having trouble seeing.

So I have not been reading..TV has been bothering me...Photoshop is killing me...I was even feeling the burn while painting. I'm going to lay low for a few days on the blog until my new soothing glasses arrive..and I'll be back to blogging and reading your blogs as soon as that comfort arrives.

Thank god for that little beep my camera gives me when I am in focus...

SEE you soon my go enter to win that gift certificate!