I'm having a really great time looking through my old art journals for pieces to show you. I count this piece in my all time top 5. It's a break through piece for me..one of the first times I pulled a shape from a painting instead of putting it onto the painting. Are you with me? That was a very happy moment I remember to this day. My first steps onto the road of Abstract-dom. Golden fluid acrylics, Neocolor II crayons and some Polymer Medium Gloss made this into an attractive journal cover for me.

Speaking of abstract-dom....do you Instagram? I swore off that form of photo manipulation many months ago, but the Social Networking addict in me loves the ease of connecting and sharing these quick mini works of art! You can find me @julieprichard. (Hey- you know there is no "T" in "Prichard", right?) If you Instagram, let me know; I'd love to add you to my follow list!

And this? A new painting on the table. First time in forever.... I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the OPEN line of paints from Golden. They are heavier bodied acrylics with a super long "open" time. I dig the drag...and this new love makes me happy. Excited. Yay!

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Mark this feed my friends...some really exciting things are going to happen around here starting around my birthday (May 12th......I'm.....cough.....FORTY...but I won't admit to that out loud)..you won't want to miss the action!