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11x14" mixed media on canvas: "Untitled Red"

Thank you for your birthday wishes! I had a relaxing day with...drumroll...EIGHT hours of uninterrupted studio time. I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the swing of things.. working with new paint (Golden OPEN acrylics); getting used to their drag and pull...I like them a lot!

I had a video ready to show where where I picked the sweepstakes winner on live webcam..but I can't get the audio synced with the video and that bugs me so much! Everyone who re-posted my sweepstakes video on their blog was pooled together, and 10 names were drawn from that pool...those names were added to the pool of 113 people who purchased classes during the 30 day contest period for a total of 123 entrants. The entrants were then numbered 1-123 and I used random org to pull one lucky winner...the sweepstakes winner is JOYCE McDONALD of Quebec! I will be in contact with Joyce and she will get free access to every class I have ever all of the classes we make from now until eternity. Congratulations, Joyce and thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word about the contest!

We've been running a lot of advertising for the network and we are taking a break from that. Starting next Friday, we will have a giveaway every other Friday through the summer! That's right..we'll be using the advertising budget to buy you prizes for reading the blog instead! So please subscribe to my feed...tell your friends...there will be so many prizes to give away....and that is for everyone! International Readers too!

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