Brand New Online Workshop!

Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen and Mixed Media Artist Julie Prichard Present

Pixels and Paint

A Brand New Online Workshop in Mixed Media Photography


Join Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen as we take you through our unique processes for adding your own photography to your mixed media paintings. This is NOT a digital imaging workshop. No Photoshop required! No fancy cameras required. We will explore Golden Digital Grounds and be printing our images on some REALLY cool stuff.

Our video lessons will cover making 7 paintings start to finish. We will provide you with a ton of inspiration to make many more projects in our 40 page color PDF. The PDF follows all of the videos perfectly- you won't have to take any notes...AND I packed in EXTRA material into the PDF that is not covered in the video. It's our biggest and best PDF to date.

Know this: Our classes have NO TIME LIMIT. When you paint, we will be here for you. Honest. Chris and I enter our network several times every day. Our students will tell you that we are super fast to respond to your needs.

Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard have hosted almost 2000 classes in our online network. Our private network is the perfect place to learn and we strive to make your visit as close to a real classroom as possible. You can post pictures of your art for critique and we will provide you with the feedback you need. We want to teach. We want to help you. We enjoy it and take great pride in our network. We have created a safe learning environment. You will make new friends from all over the world too!

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the class supply list.

You will need a high speed internet connection for class. Please read through the frequently asked questions (link) for more details about how the network is run.

Important: Please enter the email you will use for your class below. After I receive your payment, you will receive an invitation from the Land of Lost Luggage Network on NING within 48 hours. Please look for it in your spam folder too. The registration for our network is a manual process. Thank you for your patience. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours of sending your payment, please contact me. Refunds will not be issued once class has begun.

*This class is suitable for the hearing impaired. There is no background music and the PDF is all encompassing.


Pixels and Paint costs $59


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