My First and Last Art Journal Pages.

Memory lane. Pictured above is the first art journal page I ever created. I used some magazine clippings, acrylic paint, Neocolor ii Crayons, colored pencils and pen. The page following this page is dated October, 2007 so I can only guess this page was created shortly before...and no...the following pages don't get any better than this. Not until many many more pages. I forced myself to stick with this thick book though...and on March 21, 2008  came up with this page:

I was finding my way. Distressed collage, paint, hand carved stamps, stencils and even Golden Interference between these two pages are a plethora of styles, and jibber jabber. Some good...some great (published in the inaugural issue of Stampington Art Journaling Magazine) and some bad..really bad. Feeling a little nostalgic tonight, I decided to peruse my collection. I've had so much time to sit and think over the last 25 days.

Thank you for being with me. Yesterday was good...better...and I have a handle on my emotions as I sit with dad.


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