Same Hummingbird. New Twist.

Look at this! I love it. I love everything about it. Do you know what it is? I'll tell you one is NOT digital art! This is a mixed media piece in which we made this totally unique surface with mediums and paint and then we printed the hummingbird onto it... My mouth gets stuck open when I look at it.'s EASY. No no no nonoooo Photoshop, my friends. Printing on these surfaces and with these can easily wrangle them into your Art Journal too!

You're going to want to join us in Pixels and Paint. I know..I know..I keep saying that..but come on! Look at all you can do! Class costs only $49...but you have to order it before the end of the day TODAY to get that sale price. Click HERE for all the info.. I'm going back to look at the image again.

I owe Marlynn a "day in the life" post.. I have not forgot. Soon..