Chris Cozen put this 11x14" mixed media stretched canvas together using my photograph of one of my favorite roses... Julie Newmar. I wish you could see this in person, because the complexity and depth is really fantastic. She's layered several acrylic skins and the photograph...we are teaching students how to complete this process in our new class, "Pixels and Paint".

I like working with Chris because she never stops pushing the envelope. I in turn get my wheels cranking and I am able to push her too. (It's true..she'll concur!) I think we're the perfect team. I can't imagine working (or playing for that matter) in an environment where I wasn't pushed or where I couldn't express my ideas. I strive for that sort of relationship. It makes me feel alive.

I'm still at the hospital with my dad...... day by day. Today is day #14. Grateful we have had that many days at all.