Teach Art to Your Children v 1.8

Growing up in the 70's, my brother and I were given books written by Ed Emberley. The books provided us with not only step by step instructions to help us draw hundreds of cute illustrations, but HOURS of entertainment. I purchased two of the books for my daughter for Christmas last year.

The Drawing Book of Animals (link) has the same animals I remember drawing as a child. I am still mesmerized by the drawings today and will sit beside my daughter, markers in hand to repeat the characters over and over.

Ed's Thumbprint Drawing Book (link) is also loads of fun. My daughter inked up her fingerprints and followed the instructions to make the animals pictured above. The lesson here? Details. The books outline simple step-by-step instructions on each detail for each drawing. After a few attempts, my daughter was on her way, following the steps and making cute animals. To date, this was our longest "art lesson"..the books were a huge hit.

Teach art to your kids. No books? Grab an ink pad (make sure it is not solvent based) and practice making thumb and finger prints on paper. Collect some fine tip pens and see what details you can come up with.

As always, thank you for stopping by today!

This post is dedicated to my brother, Chris.

July 23, 1974 - March 30, 2009