You're ok. I'm ok.

There are so many times when I quit art. I quit today...and then I un-quit. I have quit so many times before. I've quit photography before too.. But I know myself. I quit when the pressure is on..and then I realize I am quitting and I snap out of it and understand that there are good days and bad days..and sometimes the bad days last a LOT longer than the good days.

You're ok.

Please don't beat yourself up if you can't produce enough art to maintain your blog. Please don't beat yourself up if you don't like your artwork. Enjoy the process. Oddly enough, I even enjoy the quitting...because I enjoy the "make-up-art" that usually follows.

It's natural. Ebb and flow. That's how creativity is. Just go along with it.

Mixed media on wood; 18x24"

Say it with me. "I'm ok."