It's not finished most of the time I am finished..

mixed media on wood: 18x24"

This painting took several can see 4 of them by clicking here. Part of my frustration with this piece is that I do not like painting on wood. I've had a pair of panels sitting in my studio for several months and I finally decided it was time to put up or shut up. The biggest lesson learned? The painting does not have to be finished until you think it is finished. I had this piece up on the wall several times..each time I took it down, I changed something and then brought it in to see if my husband could notice. (That never works.)

One more panel to go..and I am concentrating on the same color palette I used for the Graffiti Wall Collaboration...which brings me to mention- did you leave a comment to try and win a copy yet? Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Oh- this painting? Chaos and Calm.

Thanks for checking I have not quit art today. Yet.


Count down to Chris Cozen: T minus 7 days....know what that means? Big spankin new online class coming soon! Details coming at the beginning of April-ish.