What Does Your Art Journal Say To You?

digital journal page

We journal for many reasons...I started my first art journal to teach myself how to mix paint. I tell my students not to get frustrated with pages in their journal as it took me over 40 pages before I made something I was happy with. Forty.

After those initial 40 pages, I spent time trying to replicate....or emulate pages I saw on different blogs. Frustration ensued. A lot of it. I quit art over and over until one day I gave up- I turned off the blogs and I focused on picking out painting techniques I enjoyed. My brain was telling me to paint, not to write. After I painted, the writing came ..sometimes. Other times I painted several pages before any writing appeared. What made me happy was that I was "doing".. I was painting.

I started writing advice to my daughter. After she was born, I couldn't shake the feeling that if something were to happen to me, how would she learn what I know? The journals were my legacy...I felt at peace knowing that if something were to happen to me, my words would remain.

My grandmother told me, "Only the good die young." I'll be here a long time apparently.

I don't make journal pages very often, but it is nice to open a few up and mash them together in Photoshop. What do you do with your journal pages?

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