My Art on the Cover of Somerset Studio -!-

I was working on the computer one day (shocking) and an email from my friend Seth came though. “Did you see it?” I have received these short emails from Seth before….but this time I didn’t know what he was talking about. I replied, “No”…and he said something to the tune of, “You need to go look NOW.” I stopped what I was doing and looked at the email from Stampington and know...the weekly email we all love? I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my artwork…in a poll…asking readers to choose the cover for the next issue of Somerset Studio.

I sat there in shock. Then, the thoughts of, “Well…what an or lose..” came through and I went back to work. Turns out I WON the reader poll. There you have it, the Graffiti Wall collaboration made the cover. I still can’t believe it. It’s a really surreal feeling. I can’t thank Stampington enough for putting my artwork on their cover…truly.. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I also can’t thank YOU dear friends and readers for voting for my cover! Your encouragement means the world to me.

This artwork marks the second Graffiti Wall Collaboration that Seth Apter, Lynne Hoppe and I have created. Each of us created a separate piece of art highlighted in the magazine…all using art, painted papers and ephemera from each other. We had no idea what the other artist would create and the results are so beautiful…each one totally unique to the other.  The photo above shows my pieces hanging in my dining room.  You can read about our thoughts on the process in the Mar/Apr issue of Somerset Studio now available.

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