Teach Art to Your Children v 1.3

The Valentine

I have nothing against store bought Valentine's...it's the cheap envelopes they come with that bother me. I'm weird. I think about it like a first impression. The envelope is the first impression for whatever is inside of it. We wanted to make something a little nicer, a lot more homemade, and something cute this year instead.

Taking a few sheets of scrapbook paper, a large heart punch, some stamps, glitter and quick thinking, I was able to help my daughter pull these together for the children in her class. I had her write "From Kate" on 25 tags and she stamped hearts on the reverse. To add some pizzazz, I used some Judikins "Sticky Stuff" embossing powder and Versamark to stamp a single heart on each tag. Once the Sticky Stuff melted, it held the glitter like a champ. No mess. Perfect impressions. It was great!

I  have most of these things in my crafting archives..if you don't have the supplies, why not spring for a few sheets of scrapbook paper, cut out some hearts and tie them to a piece of candy? I think these are so much more charming than store-bought cards. Kate appreciates making things for people..I hope that is something she carries on into adulthood...so much.

Speaking of carrying on, the art lessons are paying off! Out of the blue the other day, long after the Picasso "Blue Period" lesson, Kate asked me, "Does Picasso have a red period during Valentine's day?" She followed that up by mentioning that she wants to make, "Picasso Style" valentines. I couldn't be more proud.

Thank you for stopping in today....now go make something with your kids!