Sale Ends Tonight! -Take an Online Workshop Anytime- #mixedmedia

If there is one thing I am proud of accomplishing in 2011, it's the growth of our online teaching network. Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen and I worked hard all year to provide our students with quality and affordable lessons. We've taught over 2,470 classes to over 1000 students worldwide. I smile when I talk about it. Thank you so much for your support!

We're about to start filming for the new year but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the sale on our classes ends tonight! Classes will cost $64 starting tomorrow...but they are only $49 today. Here is a quick look at some of the artwork we showed students how to make in 2011:

We learned how to make acrylic skins, and print on them PLUS incorporate our own photography into our art in a unique way during Pixels and Paint.

In Texture Town, we looked through pictures Chris took during her trip to Paris. We mimicked old plaster texture AND learned how to paint these awesome aging effects.

We got happy in Mixed Media Melange! In this class we worked with plexi-glass and vinyl and we really made artwork that people turned their heads to look at!

Finally, in Layer Love v2.0 we jumped in super deep into the exploration of layering paint and creating interest in paintings using Golden's new OPEN line of paints. A favorite of mine, the class teaches you not only how to make rad abstract art, but loads of techniques that you can use in any other art you create!

You should know: You don't have to take the class when you sign up for it. Take it whenever you want! They do not expire... We're here when ever you are ready... Click here to take a look through all the course details and to check out our promo videos for each course. We hope to see you!