I've been. Thinking.

Thinking about all those donation requests we are bombarded with this time of year...from socks, shampoos, food, toys and money... I imagine myself in a sad situation and think I would be happy if someone just came and sat and talked with me.. Also wondering why people don't donate incidentals year round.. people don't hurt only during the holidays... I also wonder about the organizations that we hear so much about..and se so many people donating too.. is it because they have a better PR person? Are certain charities being overlooked?

Happier times. My dad turned 80 yesterday. What a wild year we have had! I love my dad! Special thanks to the gracious employees at Barona Casino who swarmed us with generosity, kindness and laughs...without me saying a peep about why we were there! They are the CIA of birthdays..and we really appreciate them.

Happy weekend..what are you doing with your time?