I know that giving hand made gifts is in the minority.. Don't care. After sitting on top of so much paper and scrapbookery items, I went on a journal spree. I am also changing the way I feel about art journaling.. Since I am journaling now while in the car, I have been leaning away from painting in the journal, to just writing. That's ok..you're allowed to switch things up.

Hard covered journals. Personalized. Filled with labels, stickers and things the recipient likes..perhaps a map of the place they recently visited...ephemera, envelopes..tags.. and a typed letter with hints and tips on how to fill up their new journals.

I like to use Japanese paper for the covers..I love how it melts into the book board. I also like how the Japanese prints look with the scrapbook papers...unexpected.

A lot of the pages have glitter on them.. I like how you can find scrapbook papers with glitter and stitching on them in the store..although I always add my own stitching.

It's important that we keep the mom and pops busy this season...it's important that we support artists and crafters. Please pick a gift or two off Etsy this season...you will make someone's day..someone is working hard making things by hand that they hope to sell this season...

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Happy weekend....