Change. Directions.

sketchbook project- 2012

I wrote this post to let you know I don't have much to say...but then I thought that was a cheap shot since you might be coming around here to hear some updates. I don't have any updates. I quit photography a couple of times last week..because I want to change my creative direction with my camera. My friend told me, "Why are you quitting? You're good at it." It doesn't excite me. Not like painting has been these days... I am not going to pack up the camera for good...but I want change. Need it. So we will see where that path takes me. I used to feel bad about quitting something...but at this stage in my life I am happy to have the freedom to be able to change up what I want to do with myself. I watched this. Street photography excites me. We'll see.....what's up with you?