We've been to Sea World so many times..and we never play the carnival games..no one ever wins, right? Sunday, when she saw an Angry Bird as one of the prizes at the ring toss game, I reluctantly handed over $6 for a bucket of rings. We threw them all and were getting down to the last few rings when I desperately looked at my husband and said, "Come on...there has to be a secret to this." Would you believe he picked up a ring and landed it on top of one of the bottles?? We could not believe our eyes...Kate was the happiest girl lugging that Angry Bird around the park. She named him, "Tough Guy". Now, Tough Guy is seat belted in the back seat of my car...her new best friend.

Of course...I am convinced that I can hit the jackpot every time we go to Sea World now...giant stuffed animals for everyone.