Here is a close-up of a painting that will be in our book. I've been painting. A lot. The original is 18x24"...

I changed the size of the paintings I was working on, I started painting standing up at an easel.. I engrossed myself in my work...and now I have the feeling of happiness that I was missing for so long. I don't stop thinking about painting.. and I am always walking to the easel and looking at what is going on. I'll be watching television at night and something calls me back to the easel to check at what I have been working on. My confidence as an artist is higher because I have developed the skills I need to take things where I want to take them instead of having the paintings take me on a cruise..

Did you happen to catch the Van Gogh clip on 60 minutes last night?

Miss the newsletter than came out last week? There were some great tips and an online workshop sale!