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mixed media on tyvek

I remember where I was when we heard word of 9/11.. I remember where I was when I found out I was pregnant.. I remember where I was when we got engaged.. I remember a lot of important moments. I also remember where I was when I caught wind that Mr. Brainwash might in fact be a fictional character.

Stop the press. I was planning a big inspiration post for you. Thierry Guetta grabbed my attention.. he re-lit my creative energy. So much so that I watched the documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" twice over Christmas break. It's a fantastic story. I guess I, like many other fans of Bansky, tuned in to learn more about the mysterious street artist. Shortly into the film, we found out that this was a different story. A story about Thierry...and it was a captivating story! (My husband even watched the film!)

Chris watched the movie as well...but even more hip to the streets than I am, Chris announced on her blog that this in fact might actually be a "prankumentary". Did Banksy get us all again? My mouth dropped open. I can't believe it. My fingers started to click away..sure enough. I was now captivated by the conspiracy theory that indeed Thierry was an actor.

How? Are you kidding me? The person who cast the actors in 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' should be nominated for awards. The actors are ALL so believable! Thierry is..for lack of a better word, "likeable". Really likeable.

So go watch the film...it's on instant play..what do you think? Was that actually Banksy in the film? Wander around Wikipedia after and read the theories. Don't read them before the film..it's really a great film.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy weekend, friends. (RSS Addicts: Music Video Break)

I need to go think up my alias now...