Stretch Marks

So...continuing on with my tyvek love fest, it feels really good to feel love again. I can't seem to find an art journal I am happy working in. I find the size, I don't find the paper. I bind my own, I don't like the bulk...the list goes on. Something about that journal at the moment though makes me frown a little. I like the lose bits of tyvek..not cut to a specific straight size most intriguing.

Making marks. Making marks so that they do not look purposely made. I struggle...

Here are some artists who make nice marks.. pay them a visit too!



edit: Tyvek is the stuff that priority pouches are made out of (USPS)..there are a few different thicknesses of it. Intersting a lot of people commenting on heating it to watch it distort and melt..not me though. I'm just sewing and painting on it.