Plexiglas. I love you.

10.75x12.5" Mixed Media on Plexiglas

Hello. My name is Julie and I am addicted to working on Plexiglas. I tried to capture the special paints on's loaded with gold paint along with interference blue..I can't explain to you how FUN this process is. I am working on a few different projects this week that are all derived from techniques in our new online class, Mixed Media Melange (link). Registration is open now...we have early bird pricing of $49 (our students will tell you that this price is an insanely good bargain!) now through January 27th. After January 27th, the price goes up to $ act now if you want to get in on the low low price.

I wish you could see this artwork in is something I keep coming back into my studio to look at..I am going to get it up onto the wall in the house here soon. I've mentioned getting your art onto the wall a lot lately...have you done it yet? Link me a picture to your walls...I'd love to see them!