Celebrate! Magazine Giveaway!

Economy got you down? Your muse went on vacation and never came back? Ants in your pants? I'm here to help! (Alright...just joking about the ants in your pants..)

This BEAUTIFUL new magazine retails for $14.99 and is almost (if not already) SOLD OUT. Want to win a free copy? I'll ship anywhere from Tahiti to Timbuktu!

Why this magazine? Because I am in it! I've got a really nice fabric painting tutorial in there using Golden paints I know you are going to love. Fabric! Dig.

To enter: Leave a comment on this blog post and then come back on Sunday night to see if you won. It's that easy. You have to come back and see if you won on Sunday..I won't notify you..why? Because so many people don't input their email addresses into the comment registration properly and I can't contact you...listen- I'm shippin' you a free magazine, not going on a chicken hunt for your real identity. So make sure to check back with me. One entry per person. Please tell your friends!

The address to this blog has changed! Please update your bookmarks and feed lists! The correct address is: www.julieprichard.com/blog

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Good luck!