Instant Gratification Online Mixed Media Workshops

Do you get anxious waiting for new online class lessons to be posted? Bored? Things move too slow for you? Well check this out: In my teaching network, we do not close classes once the lessons have run. In fact, they stay open ALL OF THE time videos as many times as you want...and WE WILL SUPPORT YOU TOO! Join any of the online mixed media workshops today and work happily away at your own pace with the piece of mind knowing that either Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen or myself is always close at hand. What are you waiting for? Check out the fantastic list of workshops we have for sale by clicking here...for the low price of $49 or less! All videos are posted (except for the final few remaining to debut in Chaos and Calm) and watch them one right after the other. Sounds like a GREAT weekend to me. See you there!