I'm a Crusader...in a new visual journal to boot.

If a box of new art journals on your front porch doesn't get you back into the art journaling spirit, I don't know what will. Graciously, the team at Strathmore sent me these books to field test and I have to tell you... love them. The sizes are perfect..the paper is beautiful- durable- fantastic... the watercolor paper handled everything I threw at it with ease. The covers are heavy so that you can alter them to your hearts desire! This is an A+ product..be on the lookout for these books in stores soon.

9x12 Strathmore Visual Journal

So new journal in hand I ended my brief hiatus from the Street Team and took Crusade 42 for a whirl.. Strip Tease- tearing paper strips and using them in your visual journal is super simple and fun. I started this page with a collaged background..added paint and then tore strips off of the page...re-positioned them and added more paint. Thanks, Michelle!

Join in on the Street Team fun..anyone can join and the monthly Crusades will get your creative juices flowing...no matter what.