In a freak run of events, I happened to be on Twitter when Jamie sent out a tweet, "Hey- what should I do while I am in San Diego?" I immediately raised my hand and offered her my deluxe tour. We had never met before, but we had a blast touring San Diego last week! Our schedules aligned for a fantastic day.

Our tour started in Balboa which Jamie's husband joked was named after Artistic Smash "Rocky Balboa"... that's Jamie in the first picture giving her best Rocky pose.

Wandering in and out of the artist compound at Spanish Village was a many things to look at!

Being able to have access to the studio space of working artists is very inspirational..I loved every minute of it. I should cruise the village more often..

We saw street vendors with live chickens in Old Town...ate Mexican food, Mexican lollipops, had an altercation on the street, visited Paper was an all around great day!

Seriously- A Michael Jackson nicho...loves it!

So- would you pick up a stranger at their hotel and show them around your town? What would your day be like?

Thanks for coming along on my tour, Jamie! xo