She's a good dog..


I have not had the time to keep an art journal the last 6 months or so. The last time I journaled, I was journaling on some paper that I was not happy took the fun out of journaling.

My new journal has a new paper, is about 10x10 and is on the desk..ready. See, this is my first Summer Vacation. Last January, my daughter started pre-school M-F 8-3...School is out next Thursday so my schedule will shift back to being a mom during the day and an artist at night. I'm putting aside my large panels and going to ease back into the quick-type-get-it-out-without-really-thinking-about-it-julification-journal-process. I hope I can remember...should be like riding a bike, right?

Speaking of bikes, I am picking up my new wheels tomorrow...but I promised the bubble teacher I would not ride them until the Black Betty arrives...

Have a good weekend my friends....see Lost Luggage Live tomorrow night at 7. Details will be here tomorrow.