Excuse me nurse. I speak hummingbird.


I put up this hummingbird feeder about a year ago and it sat idle. This weekend, this wild pack of biker hummingbirds practically sucked it dry. Like hooligans.. they would buzz your tower if you went near it..they started fights with each other when someone tried to take a hit on the plastic floral goodness..

I miscalculated the lighting in these shots...but I was able to get a few anyway laying very very still on my back under the feeder. A few of the birds hovered over me when they heard the camera shutter as if to point their fingers at their eyes and then to me a la Robert Dinero in that Ben Stiller movie.. I'll admit..I was a little worried during the shoot. I digress..

Chris Cozen is here and we are working feverishly the next several days. I'll be back towards the end of the week. Have fun!