Friday is a good day...for online workshops and such.


Happy holiday weekend! I'm getting ready to go and put my American Flag up, and then hit the grocery store for a few party weekend essentials, but before I do, I just have to say one more time:


Just shy of 400 members...with my support EVERY $39.99, I have to tell you this online workshop is a STEAL. The students are producing the most beautiful backgrounds and learning techniques of blending and layering acrylic paint so that they can apply them to any of their paintings in the future. There are 9... NINE lessons..don't miss out. CLICK HERE to sign up and for more information.

One more thing you'll notice is my new consultation services... I've been receiving so many questions lately ranging from photoshop issues, how to start a network, marketing, teaching, video editing, art techniques..everything...that I have decided to open up my brain to you. I am not offering a coaching service..but I will share my experiences and technical information with you in a matter-of-fact sort of way. Don't waste your money taking an e-course designed to cater a broad audience. Spend less and ask me one-on-one what you specifically need to know. You can click here for more information and to find out if I might be able to help you. No time to take a class? Want some one-on-one time? This may be the perfect fit for you.

Honor the Fallen

Have a safe weekend.