Friday....Online Collage Workshop is OPEN!


This has been a week full of experimentation.

New projects and old projects..

And my camera in between..

Lost Luggage Live will air on's a show about "Nothing" can find the details on my facebook FAN page.

I feel busy...will be back with some art to show next week.

We are running a very excellent online workshop called Complex Collage. Have you ever made collage and thought that something was not right? Or that after all your hard work, you look at it and it feels "blah"? Or that EVERY collage you see in magazines and online looks the SAME??? You should be in our class. You will make unique and beautiful collage! Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen and I are teaching EVERYTHING to over 130 students at the moment..and we would love to teach YOU. You will get personal feedback to EVERY question you post online very promptly... This class is our best class yet. We appreciate your consideration!