mixed media on canvas 11x14

You are not bound by rules in art. This canvas started out an apple green color...3/4 of the way through I was making myself crazy.. "Julie. Why deviate from the palette that you love? What are you doing?"

I have a color I liked in mind...but the vision was not complete. I was mixing and blending paint away and everything looked great, but I felt strange. This style lends itself towards browns and earthy colors..not happy spring green. So I changed it.

The canvas combines techniques I demonstrate in a couple of my online workshops. Layer Love helped me with all that delicious paint blending and layering, the upcoming new workshop Complex Collage helped me with composition and quick gel transfers. Before this came to fruition, in the green period, Color, Beyond the Basics, helped me with the paint mixing and color choices.

Stacking all of the techniques that we are teaching comes naturally when you practice. Chris and I hope you consider taking an online workshop with us. We're always open. Every day.

Thankyou for checking in with me!

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