My best friend still works at my old job. We talk every day and I mention to him that I have never worked this hard in my life....and I don't have a "job".

Can you call this a job? I am used to calling a job where you actually leave the house and report to a company a "job".. but here I am, every day, working in my online network, creating art and continually pushing myself. I don't think I have ever pushed myself this hard. It's my job now...but it's different.

Several months ago I was asked to speak at a luncheon coming up soon. Initially I was asked to speak about art, art journaling or my network. But a few weeks ago, I was asked to speak about photography instead. Hesitant, I quickly dismissed my fear of the new topic and marched ahead. Last weekend I wrote the photography lecture and I am really happy with it.

Without a constant stream of live customers (in person....I know all my students are know what I mean), it seems easy to sit back and relax... but I don't. I am committed to moving along, trying new things and moving up  up and up my own corporate ladder. I wonder how high it will take me... I'd like to be CEO one day.

Note: Speaking of exploration, it's in the low 80's here...we're headed downtown to explore something new. I'll be back with pictures this week.