Overwhelming Bliss...


I am overwhelmed with reading quotes...

I am overwhelmed with people regurgitating previously published information and calling it a "zine"..or "e-zine"..

A guest on a talk show last week mentioned she was seeing a "date coach"..


For her...

I have been wrestling with these thoughts and whether or not I should write them on my blog for a long time. Hopefully by expressing my feelings, I can open a portal for other people sharing my views..because I totally think I am in the minority here...

I want to know what happened to good old fashioned hard work and dedication? What happened to accepting things for how they are and moving on? What happened to being ourselves? And what in the hell happened to the happy artists?

Daily I cruise the blogs and daily I am becoming more and more disenchanted. There is so much talk about bliss and depression..and who can save you and what will save you and yes you CAN do this... But what I don't understand is why no one is telling you to save yourself?

There seems to be some sort of delusion field sweeping bloglandia..and I am here to tell you to snap out of it. Sure...many bloglandia citizens write about their lovely tea after their blissful yoga and their carefree romps through Starbucks and then the day spa... is this real? Maybe for some of you..but I think the majority of us may fall into my category and I wonder why no one is talking about it:

Woke up...Ate a piece of toast for breakfast and spilled butter on my new $9 tee shirt. Picked up dog crap. Rubbed ointment all over the gnarley rash covering my pre-schooler. My bliss today? Happy I didn't step in said dog crap.

And on to the coaches- society is in some sort of big hurry to fix itself. Get me a date coach, a time management specialist and a stylist. How come no one can figure out anything on their own anymore? I remember when coaches were for Soccer...and tennis. And over and over "coaches" are lining up to take your money... why?

Put the word bliss into perspective.... The dictionary defines the word as a "state of perfect happiness".. Can you honestly call a mocha "bliss" after what happened in Haiti? After someone gets diagnosed with cancer? Can you assign "bliss" to a new iphone? I think it is rediculous. I really do. And these are examples of tweets I read all day long as I wonder about bliss...

I am happy..little things make me happy and I am realistic. Sure...a mocha may be delicious...but is it a perfect state of happiness? Nope. To me, a perfect state of happiness would be for everyone in Haiti to be at peace, the war to be over and for a cure of cancer to be found so that there is no more suffering.

Take time.

Work hard.

Be honest with yourself.

I welcome your coments... if you are a coach, please do not advertise your websites here because it will make me crazy...

(Photos above taken 2/10 with my Lensbaby)

 edit 2/13/10: Thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts!